LDAP Authentication for the SME server and gateway
Version 0.10.-00

Package e-smith-ldap-auth-0.1.0-00.noarch.rpm
Version Developement 0.1.0
License GPL
Author Dennis Evers <dennis@evers.2y.net>
Date Fri Jun 7th 2002<dennis@evers.2y.net>

First I quote the following line from the Samba website
"Integration of UNIX and Microsoft Windows NT through a unified logon has been considered a "holy grail" in heterogeneous computing environments for a long time"
The Samba team uses Winbind to have UNIX user authentication against a Microsoft Windows NT server.
By implementing LDAP authentication on SME server I want to solve the problem the other way around: Authentication of both Windows and Unix users against Mitels' SME server.

The RPM package you can download below changes the default LDAP configuration so it can do user authentication.
For more technical details or contributions you can contact me by email.

Installation Instructions
* Download the e-smith-ldap-auth-0.1.0-00.noarch.rpm package onto your e-smith box.
* Login to your e-smith box as root. * Install the rpm package: rpm -Uhv --force e-smith-ldap-auth-0.1.0-00.noarch.rpm.

Now your SME server will be able to authenticate your Unix / Linux clients by LDAP.

Download RPM package


* For now the users homedirectory (/home/e-smith/username/files) has to be created manually on each client.
* Changing user passwords through the passwd utility (unix) or the change password function (Windows) doesn't update the LDAP password. Password changing should be done through the web interface (http://server/user-password) or the server-manager.

Changelog / Features
Version 0.1.0
* User and group authentication of Linux clients through LDAP.
* Adding / deleting / modifying user and group information using the server-manager.

To Do

* Configure autofs to automount the users homedir on the SME server.
* Change LDAP configuration to use TLS encryption.
* Set password policy. (expiration etc).
* Create some kind of "Domain admins" group to give some users admin rights on Linux and/or Windows clients.
* Create Web panels to configure additional user / group and LDAP settings.