PHProjekt how-to for e-smith 4.1 and 5 by: Tyrone miles.


It took me a few days to get this down but I have it all worked out now and this should help anyone out there to install PHProjekt with ease.



[Groupware tool]

PHProjekt is a modular application for the coordination of group activities and to share information and documents via intranet and internet.

Components of PHProjekt:

"Of course - open source" - PHProjekt is free software.
Actual version: 3.0a (02.11.2001)

Available languages: Catalan, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.
The help system is available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Turkish and German.

PHProjekt needs PHP4 and a database (mysql/postgres/oracle/informix/ms-sql)


Step 1:

First thing you want to do is create yourself an “ibay” to hold the files for your application.

Create an ibay with the permissions:


            Group: (You can create a group just for this app or use an existing group.)

            User access via file sharing or user ftp: Write = Group, Read = Everyone

            Public access via web or anonymous ftp: Entire Internet (No password required)

            Execution of dynamic content (CGI, PHP, SSI): Enabled


(This leaves the directory open to anonymous FTP to be secure make sure you have FTP off in the remote access section of your e-smith admin page.)


Step 2:

Next you need to download the setup files to the html folder in the directory you just made from:

(Delete the index.html file from the ibay before you continue.)


Step 3:

Next you want to go to the console of your server or use telnet to log in as root with your admin password.

Next you want to change to the directory that you created and downloaded your file to. On my computer the path is:

/home/e-smith/files/ibays/project/html (project being the ibay I created)


Step 4:

Check the directory to make sure the file is there. If it is then you need to now uncompress the file using the command:

# gunzip phprojekt.tar.gz


Do an “ls” of the directory and you should now have the file “phprojekt.tar

Now run the command:


# tar xvf phprojekt.tar

This should create all the folders and files you need and you should end up with a folder named:

phprojekt-X.Xx (Where the X’s are the software version which could change at anytime)


Next you need to move all the files out of the phprojekt-X.Xx dir to the root of the html directory in the ibay you created.


Then delete the downloaded files and the phprojekt-X.Xx directory. (Double check that you copied all the files over to the ibay before you delete everything.)


Step 5:

Now you need to add a database to your mysql server..

Login using the command : mysql

Use the command to list what you have: show databases;   (Make sure you use the semicolon at the end of the command) You should get an output similar to this:


| Database |


| horde    |

| mysql    |

| test       |


You should just have a couple of databases in there like: test, horde and mysql.

If you get this list then you have access.


Next you want to create a database using the same name as the ibay you created to hold your setup files using the command: create database databasename; (Where databasename is the name you gave the directory you created, mine is project.)


mysql> create database project;

Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)


Use the show databases; command again to make sure you created it.

mysql> show databases;


| Database |


| horde    |

| mysql    |

| test       |

| project  |

If all went well you should be ready to get the application up and running now.. Use the exit command to get out of mysql.


Step 6:

This is the part where it gets sticky. When I first made a database for this app I assigned a new admin user to the database (For security) with the GRANT ALL command: But when I went through the application set up process it would not let the app make tables etc in the database, even though I could make tables using the command line. So after hours of playing with it I just decided to use the root admin. Problem is I didn’t know the password until someone told me I could get the 75 character password out of the file :


To find the file you can use the locate command:



it should be in the dir: /etc/openldap/


Next you want to copy that file over to the folder where you PHProjekt files are (So you don’t make changes to the original file by mistake:

cp /etc/openldap/ /home/e-smith/files/ibays/project/html/


Then you can use pico command to open the file:

Change to the PHProjekt ibay you made, then use the command:



All that should be in it is the mysql root password that you need to copy and paste or write down because you will need it to config the PHProjekt application.

Once you get that down you can then move on to configuring the app it’s self.


(If you can not get the 75 character password to work, you can make it shorter by using the directions here:


Step 7:

Now you need to go to a PC that can access your server from the web. You need to go to the url: http://yourhostname/phprojekt_dir/setup.php

(your hostname being the name or IP of your server and phprojekt_dir is the ibay you made.)


You will come to a set up screen that asks for :



Configure actual version





Choose installation, English and db type: mysql. Then hit submit.


Next you will come to a screen that will ask for:


Please remark:

Please fill in the fields below

(In few cases the script won't respond.
Cancel the script, close the browser and try it again).




Name of the existing database:




In hostname you need to put: localhost

Username you need to put: root

Password you need to put: The password from the file (You can only copy in the first 20 digits then you have to type in the rest).

Name of existing database: whatever you named the database you created in mysql.


After that you will come to the config page. The directions for setting up the configuration are on the page. That should be it! Have fun!