HowTo increase your webserver performance using mod_gzip

Author: Jeb Campbell, Darrell May
RPM by: Jeb Campbell

Problem:  You want to increase the performance of your webserver.

Solution:  Implement server side compression using mod_gzip.

Details: Mod_gzip, at is a module for Apache that allows you to compress content from an Apache web server on-the-fly. It uses the same compression as gzip and no plugins or extra software is needed by your browser to take advantage of this product. Reduction in size of up to 90% or more is possible.


Download e-smith-mod_gzip-1.3.19a-1es.i386.rpm and install as follows:

rpm -Uvh e-smith-mod_gzip-1.3.19a-1es.i386.rpm

That's all.  The rpm automatically restarts httpd and your webserver should be ready to go using server side compression.