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Summary: To give users access to

  • user panels
  • selected admin functions
e-smith-userpanel From
The usermanager rpm is available here
e-smith-userpanel now requires both perl-Unicode-* rpms, install these first.

rpm -Uvh *.rpm
or via the server-manager with "Administration"-'update system'

Admin Usage
To delegate panels to users on your internal network, open your server-manager in a browser. You should see an option in the Security section for "user panel access". Select a user and check the box next to the functions they are allowed to use. You can select the global link to allow everyone to access specific panels, eg the userpanel-* type are designed for users.

see http://e-smith.org/docs/howto/remote-mgr-access-howto.html for how to allow access from the internet.

Refer to the Demo screens below [notes: the links don't function]

No userpanel is delegated by default

User Usage
Panels delegated by admin are available at https://www.yourserver.net/user-manager after a user login.

1. The userpanel is now accessed via HTTPS:// not http

The following panels are part of e-smith-userpanel

The userpanel was developed by daniel van raay,then enhanced by stephen noble and Shad Lords which followed a similar concept of an admin panel by charlie brady which worked on e-smith-3.x This implementation includes extra panels 'dungog networks' has written. The current version superceeds the older devinfo-mitel-usermanager-pkg & dungog-pkg-userpanel. This version intergrates the delegating of admin functions and allows the admin to only give the advanced userpanel functions to users according to site policies.
You can install the current version over the top of the pkg versions but you keep your server neater by removing the pkg rpms first.

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