e-smith/mitel custom iso image

Author: Jaime Nebrera, jnebrera@jazzfree.com, January 2002

Make a custom iso image of e-smith/mitel

I have a very customized ESSG 4.1.2 and everytime I break it (it's a test environment) I have to install ESSG and all the needed updates and modifications. I just wanted to have a particular iso image so all the process would be faster and more secure. You can use this for whatever idea you might have: install hundreds of clone servers, give a client the image of the server you have just installed, ...

As root:

  1. Install anaconda and anaconda-runtime rpms if you don't have them.
  2. Copy e-smith/mitel in ~/cd1
  3. chmod u+w ~/cd1/RedHat/base/hdlist
  4. chmod u+w ~/cd1/RedHat/base/comps
  5. REPLACE every rpm that you want to update, for example Apache
  6. IF you want to ADD a package copy it in ~/cd1/RedHat/RPMS/
  7. IF you have added some package, edit ~/cd1/RedHat/comps and add it's name in Customized Packages (or whatever you like best)
  8. /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist --withnumbers --hdlist ~/cd1/RedHat/base/hdlist ~/cd1
  9. cp ~/cd1/images/cdboot.img ~/images
  10. mkisofs -V esmith -b ~/images/cdboot.img -c ~/boot.cat -r -T -o cd1.iso ~/cd1

That's it. Burn the iso image with your favorite application and install. Enjoy!!!

Resources and thanks

  • Red Hat CD Howto
  • Red Hat with ReiserFS mini howto
  • E-smith advanced user forum (thanks for the cdboot.img suggestion :)))
  • E-smith/Mitel they have a wonderfull product and a very good relation with developers

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