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Amavis-ng + Clam Antivirus + Qmail + sme 5.5

Installation: To install an rpm type rpm -ihv file.rpm when file.rpm is the rpm you have downloaded. You can also install rpms via http urls but it is suggested you download all the rpms linked below to your local machine before installation.

Download and install clam antivirus

The following perl modules are required for amavis-ng:
The following archival utilities are required for amavis-ng:
Download and install amavis-ng

Download a sample configuration file and place it in /etc/amavis/amavis.conf amavis.conf

Fill in all your localdomains. This would include any virtual domains you are hosting. Escape all periods with a backslash as in the sample below.

;; Which domains should be considered local? Recipients are notified
;; about mail that was stopped only if they are local. The domain name
;; is matches against this Perl regular expression.
local domain = .*example\.com

Select who should get notification that you've found a virus, I suggest at the minimum you set it to notify admin

;; Who should be notified?
notifiers=Sender, Recipients, Admin

Modify the mail from and admin lines to reflect your local domain.

;; What address will appear in the From:-header of warning messages
mail from = postmaster@<your domain goes here>

;; Who is the mail admin? Comma separated list if multiple admins
admin = postmaster@<your domain goes here>

Mailfront Configuration
Update mailfront to use amavis-ng rather than /var/qmail/bin/qmail-queue

Run the following command
/sbin/e-smith/db configuration setprop smtpfront-qmail filter /usr/sbin/qmail-queue.amavis

If your using my secure mail addon you need to also run the command
/sbin/e-smith/db configuration setprop ssmtpfront-qmail filter /usr/sbin/qmail-queue.amavis

Now reconfigure your mail settings to use the new settings:
/sbin/e-smith/signal-event email-update

Let me know if theres any steps I've left out or if something is confusing at damien at pagefault dot org

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