How to set BitDefender Anti-Virus to scan all ibays for viruses

Author:  Jeff Martin

Release Tested: e-smith 4.1.2, SME 5.X
License: How-To is GPL but please note BitDefender Software License Agreement
Last updated: Thursday, October 09, 2003 08:41 AM

Problem:  You don't have money for a commercial grade virus scanner with up-to-date virus definitions but still want some bare-bones virus protection for files stored in ibays on your server.
  Follow the steps below to
install the free Beta Anti-Virus software from BitDefender and create a daily cron job that will scan all files stored in the server's ibays.

STEP 1: Please consider the following before installation.  There is NO SUPPORT for this virus software from either BitDefender or Mitel Networks.  Itís not meant to be installed on a registered SME Server.  Also there are updates available from BitDefender for this software but they may not be as quickly updated as a commercial grade scanner.  Which means virus protection for your files is marginal at best.  In order to have true virus protection supported by Mitel Networks consider purchasing Servicelink with virus protection, which automatically downloads virus pattern updates to a sophisticated server-based virus-scanning engine, ensuring detection and blocking of viruses and malicious code.  In order to purchase Servicelink with virus protection contact or visit

Continue to step 2 at your own risk

STEP 2: Download and install BitDefender Anti-Virus for Linux from  On their website go to products freeware/BitDefender Linux Edition v.7.0 and you'll see a download link.

rpm -Uvh bdc-7.0.1-3.i386.rpm

STEP 3: Create the file /etc/cron.daily/bdcscan with the contents shown below:

# -------
# BitDefender Anti-Virus Daily ibay Scan
# -------
# This file performs a complete virus scan of the files stored
# in any ibay on the server. When placed in /etc/cron.daily this becomes
# a daily automated process with a copy of the scan report
# being sent to the administrator.

#Command to launch BitDefender Virus Scan

$output = `/usr/local/bd7/shared/bdc /home/e-smith/files/ibays/ --nohed --nowarn --log --all --append`;

#Email report file to admin

$output = `mutt -x postmaster -s "Anti-Virus Daily Scan Report" -a "/usr/local/bd7/shared/bdc.log" < "."`;

#Command to update BitDefender files

$output = `/usr/local/bd7/shared/bdc --update`;


pico /etc/cron.daily/bdcscan

chmod 700 bdcscan

STEP 4:  Test the operation

Please note that the emailed report files are empty unless a virus is found.


STEP 5: If you'd like to test Panda's ability to catch a virus you can copy a test virus file from into an ibay and then repeat starting from Step 4.