HowTo add a second scsi_hostadapter
e-smith release:  4.1.x/SME5
Author:  Darrell May

Problem:  You want to add a second scsi_hostadapter.  In this example the client has an existing 3WARE RAID controller but wants to install an ide tape drive which uses the ide-scsi driver.  They also want to make sure the ide-cd driver loads for the ide cdrom.

Solution:  Follow this HowTo and substitute the 3w-xxx and ide-scsi driver with your driver names.

First make sure you have a backup boot/recovery disk. Use the server-manager > Create reinstallation disk panel to create the disk.

Next with the recovery disk in hand, edit your /etc/modules.conf to this:

 alias scsi_hostadapter 3w-xxxx
 alias scsi_hostadapter1 ide-scsi
 pre-install ide-scsi modprobe ide-cd

This should load the 3W-xxxx module first, then load the ide-cd module as a required prerequisite for the ide-scsi module.

The key here is we want the 3Ware to happily get loaded first. After that if the rest does not load there are other options for us to explore. We could add these insmod commands into /etc/rc.local:

 insmod ide-cd
 insmod ide-scsi