How to install YAPPA

Table of Contents

This procedure has been tested on systems running SME 5.0. It will not work on any 4.x versions.


This document explains how to install YAPPA, an easy to use photo gallery, on SME 5.0


Software install

SSH into the server as root, and install the following:

rpm -Uhv
rpm -Uhv
Log out when complete.

ibay Setup

Create an ibay to hold your images. For this example, I will use one called photos.

Set your security to what you wish, and be sure to enable PHP scripting in the options.

YAPPA Download

Download and extract the tarball YAPPA to your new ibay using a client machine.

If you prefer, a zip YAPPA is also available.

I recommend extracting these so that they are not nested within their own folder, but so that the files are rith in the html directory itself

Edit the file so that the photo root variable is set to the path of images. For this exapmle, that would be:

 /* directory where album dirs are stored */
    "photo_root" => "/home/e-smith/files/ibays/photos/html/photos",

Finally, add a photos directory to the html directory. This will contain subdirectories that will contain your photo albums. Also, read the INSTALL file for steps on customizing titles and such.

For a demo, see YAPPA Demo