Custom SSL Certificate on SME 7.0


Nick Critten,

Version History
V.1.0 31st May, 2006
V.1.0.1 1st June, 2006
V.1.1 24th July, 2006(SME7.0 Final Fix)

1.0 Introduction

This Howto will help you set up a new SSL certificate on your SME7 server with a custom Common Name
If you need to set up a new Cert on SME6 then please see my previous howto

2.0 Instructions

In my previous Howtos we set up everything manually, but this time we're going to do things differently.

First, SSH onto your server, then:

  1. Create a Custom Template Folder
  2. mkdir -p /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/home/e-smith

  3. Change Directory to the new Folder
  4. cd /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/home/e-smith

  5. Download the updated template & SFTP it across or wget it. e.g.
  6. ssl.crt

    wget [paste the url here]

  7. Open the Template in your favourite editor - e.g.
  8. pico /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/home/e-smith/ssl.crt

  9. Edit the template to insert your desired Common Name (Line 13)

  10. Save and Exit from pico (ctrl-x -> 'y' -> enter)

  11. Generate the new certificate
  12. signal-event domain-modify

3.0 Finished!

That's it! We're all done.
Connect to a secure page on your server to test (e.g. server-manager)
I hope this howto has been of use to you.
If you notice any bugs, Typos or other mistakes in this document then please let me know!