Change WINS Server HowTo

Author: Bill Talcott <>
Contributor: _Fluke_ <>, Rob Wellesley <>
Release supported: SME 5.x
License: GPL
Last updated: May 5, 2003

Problem:  You want to use a server other than your SME for WINS resolution.
  Change the "WINSServer" property in the configuration database.

STEP 1: Add the alternate WINS server's IP address to the database.

 # "/sbin/e-smith/db configuration setprop smb WINSServer

STEP 2: Expand the templates to include the database changes.

 # /sbin/e-smith/expand-template /etc/smb.conf

STEP 3: Restart samba to recognize the updated configuration.

 # /sbin/service smb restart

STEP 4: If your SME is also acting as a DHCP server, you must expand the templates for dhcpd and restart it to recognize the updated configuration as well.

 # /sbin/e-smith/expand-template /etc/dhcpd.conf
 # /sbin/service dhcpd restart

You can view the current WINS server in the database. If an alternate is not specified, the SME will act as the WINS server by default.

 # /sbin/e-smith/db configuration getprop smb WINSServer

To stop using the alternate WINS server and return to the default, delete the database entry. You will also need to expand the templates and restart samba as in Steps 2 and 3.

 # /sbin/e-smith/db configuration delprop smb WINSServer