4.5. Supported Ethernet Adapters

4.5.1.Supported Ethernet Adapters

Either one ethernet adapter (in the case of dialup connectivity or server-only mode) or two ethernet adapters (for dedicated connections in server and gateway mode) must be installed on your SME Server. This section describes which types of ethernet adapter can be used in the computer that will become your server. (There are no restrictions on the ethernet adapters in your other computers.)

Any adapters installed on the server must appear on the following supported list. Note that only PCI adapters are supported. The PCMCIA adapters used in many laptops and the older ISA adapters are not supported.

note.gif Note

Because SME Server is based on Red Hat Linux version 7.3, PCI ethernet adapters that can work with Red Hat 7.3 should also work with SME Server. You can find an up-to-date searchable database at Red Hat's web site at: http://hardware.redhat.com/hcl/ (Choose "Advanced Search" then Network Device/Controller from the "Hardware Class" menu.)

4.5.1. Supported Ethernet Adapters

The following PCI Ethernet adapters are supported by SME Server:

If your adapter is not listed above, it may be supported if it is based on one of the following chipsets (check with Red Hat's web site mentioned above for confirmation):