Chapter 8. On-going Administration Using the server manager

The server manager is a simple control panel that allows you to administer your network. Using the server manager, you perform such tasks as adding or deleting e-mail addresses, setting the system date and time, and creating a starter web page. The server manager is accessed through a web browser by visiting the URL or more simply http://www/server-manager . The staff at The Pagan Vegan would access the server manager using the URL . We recommend you bookmark this address so that you can return to it whenever you wish to access the server manager.

note.gif Note

For security reasons, you are only able to access the server manager through a web browser on the local network . Remote access is only possible using remote access tools such as ssh and PPTP.

server manager

When you arrive at the correct URL, you'll be asked to enter your user name (which is always "admin") and the password you created during the installation process. Enter that information and click "OK" to be taken to the server manager. It will look like the screen shown above.

In the next five chapters, we'll explain each of the administrative functions in the order in which they appear in the frame running down the left side of the screen. The links are grouped together under four headings: Collaboration, Administration, Security, Miscellaneous and Configuration.

note.gif Note

As even one further layer of security, you can also connect to the server manager using the secure HTTPS protocol . This establishes an encrypted channel of communication between your browser and the server, even on your local network. To connect to the server manager in this manner, use a URL prefix of "https" as in the example: .