9.4. Pseudonyms

Any user who has an account on your SME Server will be able to receive e-mail sent to that user ID. For instance, if you have a user named Fred Frog with the user account "ffrog", his primary e-mail address will be "ffrog@mycompany.xxx".

Likewise, when you create a group account, that group account name functions as an e-mail alias, so that messages addressed to the group ID will be sent to all members of the group. If, for example, you create a group called "sales", messages to "sales@mycompany.xxx" will be distributed automatically to all members of that group. As you add and remove members to the group, your server automatically updates the e-mail alias.

In addition to user and group accounts, however, your server also automatically creates several pseudonyms . For instance, for each user account, the server creates two separate pseudonyms using the first and last names of the user. These two pseudonyms are in the form of "firstname.lastname" and "firstname_lastname". Hence, when you create the user account "ffrog" for a user with the name Fred Frog, he will also be able to receive e-mail sent to "fred.frog@mycompany.xxx" and "fred_frog@mycompany.xxx".

Additionally, your server creates a special pseudonym called "everyone" that includes all user accounts on the system. Two other pseudonyms, "postmaster" and "mailer-daemon" are created pointing to the "admin" user.

If you wish to modify or remove any of these pseudonyms, or create new ones, you can use the web panel found under the "Collaboration" section, as shown below.

note.gif Note

The special pseudonyms of "everyone", "postmaster" and "mailer-daemon" will only be visible after you have either added a user account to the system or have added a custom pseudonym. Until that time, these three pseudonyms are there, but will not be visible on the Pseudonyms web panel.

Pseudonyms web panel

As noted on the screen below, there are some restrictions on the text content of the names. Pseudonyms can be linked to existing user or group accounts. In the example shown, a pseudonym for webmaster is being set to point to ffrog.

Creating a pseudonym