12.2. Create Starter Web Site

If you already have a customized web site, you should not use this section, since it will overwrite your index.htm file.

If you do not have a customized web site and wish to create your starter home page, simply fill out the appropriate fields. This will create a basic home page that you can visit by entering your domain name for your site, http://www.yourdomain.xxx, in your web browser. Note that, as previously explained, there is typically a delay of one or more days before your ISP publishes your domain address records. On your local network, you can use "http://www/" to view your starter web site.

Create a starter website Web Panel

At any point in the future, you can replace or revise your starter web page by replacing or revising the files in the html directory on your server. The html directory for your web site can be accessed using Windows file sharing. Ensure you are logged onto your network using the admin name and password and then use file sharing to go to the server. Select the "primary" share and then select the "html" directory.