Chapter 17. Additional Software

In the process of developing the SME Server, we found it necessary to include some additional open source software. While does not provide direct technical support for this additional software, its availability on the server may be of benefit to advanced users.

warning.gif Warning

Use of this software is at your own risk and should not be attempted unless you know what you are doing! does NOT provide support for this software.


MySQL is a free, open source database management system. It provides a fully functional relational database similar to that provided by many commercial database vendors. We use it here as the back-end for our webmail application. More information about MySQL can be obtained at


PHP is a web scripting language that has become popular because it easily allows developers to create dynamically generated web pages. Additionally, it includes commands that allow for easy interaction with databases, particularly MySQL. The PHP language resembles C or perl and is actually embedded in the actual HTML pages on the web server. If you are familiar with Microsoft's Active Server Pages, PHP works in a similar manner. We have installed it on the server because it is needed as part of our webmail application. To learn how to use PHP in your own web pages, please read the PHP FAQ at and the documentation at


procmail is an open source mail processing tool that can run on the server to preprocess incoming mail messages perform actions such as filtering them into folders. More information about procmail can be found at: Additionally, members of our developer community have contributed HOWTO documents that show how to use procmail and many other packages on our server. See for links to those documents.


Taper is a open source tape backup program provided for those who wish an alternative to the flexbackup program used by default in the server manager. More information about taper can be found at: