Chapter 1. Welcome to your SME Server

Table of Contents

1.1. About This Guide
1.1.1. Production
1.1.2. History
1.1.3. Endorsements
1.1.4. Acknowledgements
1.2. Software Licensing Terms and Conditions
1.3. About Our Test Company: The Pagan Vegan
1.4. What's New
1.4.1. Server Features

Congratulations on choosing the SME Server as your network and communications server!

Companies all over the world are using the Internet to communicate more effectively and efficiently to a broader audience. The SME Server is founded upon state of the art technologies - such as the Linux operating system - that have been mainstays in the infrastructure of larger organizations for several years. has customized these technologies to make them straightforward to use, while still giving you local control over your Internet services. The result is a cost-effective Internet infrastructure that will reliably serve your organization as it grows and as its use of the Internet evolves.