4.3. Hardware Requirements for a Category 3 Server

Table 4.5. Definition of a Category 3 Server
# of Users Up to 40
Usage Heavy (heavy use of remote access, file sharing and other disk-intensive activity)

Table 4.6. Hardware Requirements of a Category 3 Server
Architecture PCI-based Pentium-class processor
Processor speed 600 MHz (or better)
Minimum RAM 256 MB (512 recommended)
Hard drive IDE or SCSI (SCSI highly recommended) - at least 10 GB
SCSI adapter SCSI adapter must appear on the supported list (only necessary for SCSI systems)
Ethernet adapters The ethernet adapters installed on your server must appear on the supported list.
Modem (for dialup only) Only modems that are Linux-compatible may be used. WinModems are not supported.
Floppy drive any
Graphics card any
Mouse none required
Sound card none required