5.3. Upgrading From A Previous Version

If you have previously installed a server and now wish to upgrade to version 6, you can do so while preserving your configuration data. To do so, select Upgrade from the appropriate screen in the installation process as decsribed in section 5.4. Installing the Software.

While the upgrade should proceed smoothly, we do recommend that you back up your system prior to performing this upgrade just to be safe.

warning.gif Warning

It is not possible to use the Upgrade option to add software mirroring (RAID1) to an existing server.

If you previously installed software mirroring with a previous version of the software, you should be able to upgrade without any problems. However, if you want to upgrade a previous version of the software that was not installed with software mirroring to use software mirroring (RAID1) support, you should:

  1. perform a backup through the server manager as detailed in chapter 10.1. Backup or restore

  2. perform a fresh install selecting the software mirroring option

  3. restore the backup through the server manager