16.2. Starting Webmail

To use webmail, a user first needs a valid user account and password on your server. Next, the user opens up a web browser and points it to your server using an address resembling the following URL:


The https in the URL indicates this connection uses SSL encryption and provides a secure communication session.

note.gif Note

The exact address used in the URL will depend on how you have configured your server. In the example above, www.tofu-dog.com points to the server located at The Pagan Vegan and https indicates that they are using secure communication using SSL encryption. If you choose to provide insecure access, which we do not recommend, the URL would begin with http instead of https . You will need to provide your users with whatever URL will get them to your server.

Note that if your server is behind another firewall, that firewall will need to allow traffic through on TCP port 443 in order for SSL connections to take place.