16.1. Enabling Webmail On Your System

Because the use of webmail can be resource-intensive, the server ships with webmail disabled by default. To enable the use of webmail, perform the following steps:

  1. Connect to the server manager and login as the admin user.

  2. Click on Other e-mail settings and scroll down to the section where you have the option to Enable/Disable Webmail . You now have two options:

    • Enabled (secure HTTPS access only) - Allows users to connect only through a secure SSL connection. This is strongly recommended because a regular HTTP connection transmits your mail account password across the network (or Internet) in plain, unencrypted text.

    • Enabled (HTTP or HTTPS) - Allows your users to connect through a secure or an insecure web connection.

After you perform these steps, your users should be able to connect and use webmail.