16.7. Reading Messages

To read a message, click on the From or Subject fields of the message. You should see a screen similar to the one below.

Reading a message in webmail

You now have several options. You can:

By clicking on the Reply button, you will be able to enter a reply window such as that shown below. Notice that the original message text is "quoted" with a ">" character in front of it. At this point, you can type more text or edit existing text, add or delete recipients, spell-check the message and do anything else that you could do in a normal compose window. Again, you can choose to cancel the message, save a draft or send the message.

Replying to a message in webmail

[5] In fact, the bounce command will send the message on to a third-party without indicating that you were the one forwarding it. So if "ffrog" sent a message to the "sales" group (of which you are a member) and you then bounced it to another user, that user would see the message coming from "ffrog" and going to "sales", but your name would not appear anywhere in the visible headers. Compare that to a "forward" command where the recipient knows you are the person forwarding the message.