16.8. Deleting Messages

You can delete a message while reading it, as mentioned previously, or you can delete a message - or a group of messages - from the Inbox view.

Another view of the webmail inbox

To do so, check the box next to each message you wish to delete. After that, press the Delete text button directly above or below the list of messages on the left side. You will now see a trash icon next to the checkbox and a line through the messages.

As an example, in the image above, our user (ffrog) wants to delete the second and third messages. He can click on the checkbox next to each message and then click Delete . This will produce a screen such as that below.

Deleting messages in webmail

If you do not want to see the deleted messages, you have two choices. If you click on the Hide Deleted text button on the right side, the messages will be hidden from view, but will still be there and could be recovered with the Undelete button. If you choose Expunge, the messages will be permanently deleted.