Chapter 4. Hardware Requirements of the SME Server HostComputer

Table of Contents

4.1.Hardware Requirements for a Category 1 Server
4.2.Hardware Requirements for a Category 2 Server
4.3.Hardware Requirements for a Category 3 Server
4.4.Hardware Requirements for a Category 4 Server
4.5.Supported Ethernet Adapters
4.5.1.Supported Ethernet Adapters
4.6.Supported SCSI Adapters
4.7.Supported Tape Drives

Version 6.x of SME Server is based on RedHat 7.3 and uses the 2.4 series Linux kernel. This combination supports a wide variety of hardware, but it is important that any hardware chosen for the server has been tested for compatibility before deployment. We expect that all hardware which is marked as "Certified" or "Compatible" for Redhat 7.3 on the RedHat Hardware Compatibility web site, located at:, will function correctly with SME Server version 6.x. We do not recommend the use of server hardware which is not listed as "Certified" or "Compatible". .

The hardware requirements of the SME Server are modest compared with other server software available today. However, because of its critical role in your office, selecting an appropriate host computer is important. The hardware requirements of the host computer depend on such things as the number of users on your network, whether you plan to use the proxy server on the server, and the speed of your Internet connection.

Because the SME Server software relies upon your computer meeting the hardware standards noted in this section, cannot support a server installed on hardware that does not meet these standards.

Before you consider the requirements in the remaining sections of this charter, please be aware of the following notes:

note.gif Note

Our hardware recommendations only apply to servers with up to 500 users. This is not a technical limitation, and the SME Server can provide services to more than 500 users. In that case, we suggest that you specify a custom system using our Category 4 requirements as the minimum starting point.