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Dateiname GrößeDatumBeschreibung
3dmhowto.html 10 KB18.05.05 How to install 3dm and 3ware 6400 card on your e-s server in a RAID5 configuration
AddExtraHardDisk.htm 37 KB08.03.07 How to add an extra hard disk to a SME server
Additional-Horde-Functionality-Howto.htm 3,8 KB03.05.05 Änderungen für Zusatzfunktionen von Horde 3.0
addusers-howto.html 6,4 KB16.02.03 HowTO add multiple users to e-smith 4.1.x
apache-mod_gzip-howto.htm 2,7 KB09.01.03 HowTo increase your webserver performance using mod_gzip
ata100.txt 6,9 KB25.01.02 HowTo do a fresh e-smith 4.12 install using the Promise ATA100 controller
Backup-Notification-howto.htm 8,8 KB09.02.05 Benachrichtigung für Einlegen eines Tapebandes an Admin, anderen User oder eine Gruppe
Boot_floppy_howto.html 3,1 KB22.08.01 creating an e-smith boot floppy
build.html 23 KB22.12.03 Building RPMs
building-contribs.html 21 KB22.12.03 How to build an e-smith contrib module
23 KB18.06.01 How to build an e-smith contrib module
CD_burning_howto.html 15 KB09.01.03 How to burn an ISO image
Changing_the_default_ssh_port.htm 19 KB05.06.05 HowTo change the default ssh port
chmod-howto.html 5,4 KB16.02.03 How to set special permissions on files/directorie using chmod
cstrike-howto.html 26 KB09.01.03 How to install a Counter Strike server under SME Server V5
Customizing_SME.html 17 KB22.12.03 Customizing the system
cvsinstall-howto.html 12 KB09.01.03 How to install CVS on your e-smith server
delegate.html 8,2 KB22.12.03 e-smith-userpanel from dungog
delusers-howto.html 4,7 KB16.02.03 HowTO delete multiple users from e-smith 4.1.x
devguide.html 286 KB27.03.07 Der offizielle SME Server Developer's Guide englisch, Revision 1.50 2006/05/29
dns2go-howto.txt 8,9 KB09.01.03 Mini-HOWTO: DNS2GO Dynamic DNS Service
dual_dns.html 8,3 KB25.01.02 Dual Public DNS Server HOWTO for E-Smith 4.1.X
e-smith-custom-iso.html 3,1 KB25.01.02 e-smith/mitel custom iso image
e-smith-interface_rpm.html 4,5 KB22.12.03 How to build an e-smith interface RPM
e-smith-pcmcia-howto-0.1-01.txt 18 KB25.01.02 HOW-TO: Use PCMCIA with e-smith
e-smith-security.html 110 KB10.04.01 Security and the e-smith server and gateway
88 KB10.04.01 Security and the e-smith server and gateway (PDF)
e-smith_adaptec_raid.htm 11 KB25.01.02 How to use an Adaptec Raid Controller with e-smith Server Vers 4.1.2
e-smith_adaptec_raid.pdf 10 KB25.01.02 How to use an Adaptec Raid Controller with e-smith Server Vers 4.1.2 (PDF)
E-Smith_HowTo.pdf 139 KB26.02.03 diverse Howtos für SME Server
e-smith_panel_howto.html 28 KB02.04.01 E-smith Panel Howto
emailtransition-howto.html 2,9 KB27.02.01 HOWTO - Transitioning From a Prior Email System
esmith-cgi.html 7,3 KB22.12.03 esmith::cgi - Useful CGI routines for e-smith serv and gateway
esmith-db.html 7,1 KB22.12.03 esmith::db - Routines for handling the e-smith configuration database
esmith-up_lilo.conf-howto.html 4,5 KB16.02.03 HowTo set /etc/lilo.conf for e-smith-up
esmith-util.html 18 KB22.12.03 esmith::util - Utilities for e-smith server and gateway development
ezmlm-web_HOWTO.htm 15 KB22.09.04 ezmlm-web HOWTO for sme server
faq.html 79 KB22.12.03 Mitel FAX zum SME Server
final-cstrike-howto.html 26 KB25.01.02 How to install a Counter Strike server under SME Server V5
flexbackup-restore-from-disk-howto.html 6,8 KB25.01.02 How to restore individual files from disk using flexbackup on e-smith 4.x
flexbackup-to-disk-howto.htm 8,9 KB25.01.02 How to backup to disk using flexbackup on e-smith
hdparm-howto.html 2,2 KB16.02.03 HowTo enable hdparm
how-to-clamav.htm 10 KB22.12.03
howto-capisuite.html 13 KB20.01.09 How-to install Capisuite auf SME-Server 6.01 und 7 (deutsch)
HowTo-import-email-addresses-into-EzMLM.htm 2,7 KB29.01.08 E-Mail Adressen in EzMLM importieren
howto-ssl-explorer.html 19 KB04.06.05 Set up SSL Explorer on SME Server
howto_bdcvirus.htm 7,1 KB09.06.05 How to set BitDefender Anti-Virus to scan all ibay for viruses
howto_NIS-Server.htm 22 KB02.04.06 Howto use a NIS Server with SME 6.0x
Howto_Webcal.htm 3,0 KB09.01.03 How to setup WebCal in e-smith 4.x
How_to_install_PDF_over_LAN.htm 16 KB09.01.03 How to create PDF-files by using an E-Smith server Ghostscript
HylaFAX-HowTo.html 28 KB09.01.03 HylaFAX HowTo
13 KB03.04.01 HylaFAX HowTo (PDF)
idetape-howto.html 3,6 KB16.02.03 How to install an IDE Tape drive on e-smith 4.x/SM 5.x
indexer-howto.htm 15 KB16.02.03 Apache Directory Indexer Replacement HowTo
jukebox-howto.html 9,7 KB09.01.03 Turning your e-smith server into an Internet jukeb
LDAP_Authentication.htm 5,0 KB22.12.03 LDAP Authentication for the SME server and gateway
leafnode-howto.txt 5,3 KB25.01.02 HOWTO - Run a leafnode server on an e-smith server
mailing-list.txt 2,8 KB09.01.03 HOWTO: install and configure ezmlm.idx on e-smith 4.1.2 and above
midnightcommander-howto.html 38 KB16.02.03 An Introduction to the Midnight Commander
mod_perl-howto.htm 10 KB16.02.03 SME 5.x mod_perl HowTo
mrtg-howto.htm 12 KB09.01.03 MRTG E-Smith/MITEL How-To
myodbc-howto.html 6,5 KB16.02.03 HowTO integrate Twiggi and WHFC (keine Bilder!)
mysql-search-and-replace-howto.html 4,4 KB16.02.03 HowTo perform a mySQL search and replace
mysql-upgrade-howto.html 3,1 KB25.01.02 Upgrading MySQL to latest version 3.23.39 (siehe hier eher SME Plus-Script)
Network-HTTP-installation-howto.htm 20 KB09.09.06 Installation eines SME 7.x Servers per HTTP Server
Network-PXE-installation-SME_7.x-howto.htm 14 KB09.09.06 Installation eines SME 7.x Servers per Netzwerk Boot (PXE)
net_card.html 3,7 KB25.01.02 Additional Network Card (Token Ring) HOWTO for E-SMITH 4.1.X
nic-drivers-howto.html 3,3 KB16.02.03 How to manually set network card drivers
nicinstall-howto.html 7,5 KB09.01.03 HOWTO - Installing an Ethernet Adapter in 11 Steps
nis-howto.html 27 KB09.01.03 How to set up NIS on your e-smith 4.x server
Onstream-DI30-HowTo.html 24 KB16.02.03 How To Configure The OnStream DI-30 for use in SME 5.1.2
Openvpn.htm 9,2 KB13.10.04 Openvpn HowTo für SME Server 6.x
palm-vpn.html 8,5 KB22.03.04 PalmVNC over VPN step-by-step guide
perl-article.html 18 KB22.12.03 Perl Interface für e-Smith Server
perl-search-and-replace-howto.html 2,8 KB16.02.03 HowTo to perform a search and replace on a text fi with Perl
phpbb-howto.html 5,3 KB09.01.03 howto on installing phpBB
PHProjekt-howto.html 35 KB09.01.03 PHProjekt how-to for e-smith 4.1 and 5
postgres-install.htm 37 KB13.10.04 Howto install PostgresQL
postgresql-howto.pdf 54 KB16.05.05 PostgreSQL 8.0.3 Installation für SME Server
postnuke-0.6-howto.html 13 KB25.01.02 Post-Nuke on E-Smith How-To Part 1: Installation
postnuke-0.7-howto.html 13 KB09.01.03 Post-Nuke on Mitel SME version 5 Part1 : Installat
putty-howto.html 5,2 KB16.02.03 How to administer your E-Smith/Mitel SME server us PuTTY
qpsmtpd-plugin.txt 10 KB30.01.07 Infos zu Plugins für qpsmtpd
raid-monitor-howto.html 6,4 KB16.02.03 RAID1 Monitor HowTo for e-smith 4.1.2/Mitel SME5
raid-recovery-howto.html 13 KB16.02.03 RAID1 Recovery HowTo
Recoving-From-Raid-1-Failure.htm 5,7 KB28.03.05 beschreibt, wie man ein RAID 1 wieder aktiviert
RecycleBin.htm 19 KB03.12.08 Howto RecycleBin unter SME Server 7.x
remote-mgr-access-howto.html 10 KB09.01.03 How to use SSL to remotely access the server manag
remote_access_to_user_manager.html 6,4 KB09.06.05 HOW TO REMOTELY LOGIN TO THE MITEL/SME SERVER USER MANAGER PANEL
restrict-file-access-howto.htm 4,5 KB09.01.03 HowTo restrict file access via the web for e-smith 4.1.x / SME5
rsync-backup-howto.html 3,7 KB16.02.03 HowTo use rsync for backup to disk e-smith release: 4.1.x/SME5
rsync-mini-howto.html 7,1 KB25.01.02 Using rsync to obtain the e-smith CD ROM image
samba-howto.html 14 KB16.02.03 Samba upgrade HowTo
scsi-hostadapter-howto.html 3,3 KB16.02.03 HowTo add a second scsi_hostadapter e-smith release: 4.1.x/SME5
scsitape-howto.html 3,1 KB16.02.03 How to add a scsi tape drive and controller after install
ShadowCopy.htm 18 KB03.12.08 Howto ShadowCopy unter SME Server 7.x
slimserver_howto.pdf 36 KB26.03.06 Howto install Slimserver Music Server on SME Serve
sme-dns.txt 1,9 KB18.10.04 Using EasyDNS to manage external DNS for e-smith
sme-groups.pdf 20 KB25.06.08 Berechtigungen für mehrere Gruppen für Ibays defin
SME-Howtos.htm 86 KB09.06.05 diverse Howtos für SME Server 5.5 und neuer
sme-yappa-howto.html 3,0 KB09.01.03 How to install YAPPA (photo gallery) für SME 5.0
smehelp.chm 238 KB22.12.03 Windows Hilfe für SME Server 5.0
smeserver-iso-howto.html 30 KB27.12.04 How to build your own custom SME Server 6.0.x iso
smeserver-security.html 114 KB22.12.03 Security and the SME Server V5 - Version 5.0 A technical white paper
SME_DomainClientHowto.htm 11 KB06.10.04 SME Domain Client Howto to configure an SME server to participate as a member of either a windows domain or another SME (samba) domain
smtp-restrict-howto.html 12 KB16.02.03 How to restrict access to the SMTP server
snort-Howto.htm 9,9 KB28.04.06 Howto install Snort on SME 7
Spam_blocking_HOWTO.htm 26 KB19.08.04 Spam blocking HOWTO using smtpfront-qmail for sme server
squid-cache-howto.html 1,7 KB16.02.03 How to restart Squid with a clean cache
ssl.html 15 KB12.01.07 Erstellen von eigenen Zertifikaten für SME 6.x
templates.html 9,6 KB22.12.03 e-smith template-driven configuration system
upshowto.txt 4,9 KB25.01.02 howto install and configure powstatd on e-smith:
vdomain-alias-howto.html 5,5 KB16.02.03 How to set-up virtual domain e-mail aliases
virtual_domain_email_aliases.htm 5,4 KB22.09.04 Virtual domain email aliases HOWTO for sme server
web-space-how-to.txt 1,4 KB26.02.03 Mini How to for creating user web space (should work on all versions)
2,1 KB09.01.03 HowTO increase the attachment file size limit in webmail and other PHP apps
webmail-attachment-size-howto.html 3,4 KB16.02.03 HowTO increase the attachment file size limit in webmail and other PHP apps
website-access-security-howto.html 5,5 KB16.02.03 HowTo implement website access security for internal/external users
winsserver.html 4,1 KB05.05.03 How-To use a server other than your SME for WINS resolution

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